1. What should I do if I want a MAG handpan?
Please contact us at You can also do this in the Contact menu.
2. What should I do if I want a handpan, but I don't know exactly which yet?
Under the Handpan menu you can find out about our most popular scales. If you would like to try our instruments, please contact us at or at our Facebook page, and at a pre-arranged time you can visit our workshop in Győr, where you can try out the instruments.
3. What scales can I choose from?
Under the Handpan menu, you will find our most popular scales, but we can create almost any scale or expand existing scales with upper and lower tones.
4. What are the so-called mutant notes and bottom notes?
Mutant sounds are the extra complementary sound fields that, in addition to the traditional circular placement, enrich the sound scale at the top of the instrument. The bottom notes are placed on the bottom half of the instrument and can be in the form of a ding or a traditional sound field.
5. Can I request a custom scaled handpan?
Of course, we also make custom-scaled instruments. This requires prior consultation, so please write your request to the e-mail address You can also do this in the Contact menu.
6. What is the proper name: hang, hangdrum, pantam, hangpang, hangpad, hand drum, handpan?
The official name is "handpan" or "pantam", other spelling or misuse of words. "Hang" is the first name of the instrument, which is trademark protected by PANart Hangbau AG.
7. Does a bag come with the handpan I buy?
You can buy a bag for your instrument separately, even from us for 150 euros. We sell Hardcase Technologies Evatek bags that are padded and keep your instrument stable. It is also a perfect choice for travel. The bag also has an outer part that can be connected to it with two carabiners. Dimensions: 60 x 27 x 16 cm. Weight: 200 gr. Material: 100% PL antibacterial and waterproof.